End of an era for the TangoCMS project

After a long period of no development to TangoCMS, I can with sadness officially announce that this project has now ended (October 2013).

I'd like to personally thank everyone who has contributed to the project, be it via code, bug reports, ideas, or simply moral support. The following people were close core developers and without them TangoCMS would never have been.

We were all volunteers working on TangoCMS for free during our spare time, and unfortunately other things within our lives have taken over and we just simply do not have the time to work on this project any more.

Again a huge thank you to everyone who has helped, and I wish the TangoCMS Project could continue but it has run its course.

Alex Cartwright, lead developer

About TangoCMS

The TangoCMS Project, which was the collective name for many projects, had been created for the community to construct powerful websites with ease, without having to know the complicated technologies surrounding it. These projects are, and always will be, released free of charge under open source licenses.

TangoCMS started back in early 2006 when the founder and lead developer, Alex Cartwright, began to create a browser based game with a friend. Work had started on the back end first, however after the first few months of development, things started to slow down and then eventually stopped all together.

Shortly after, Alex continued working on the AdminCP which slowly evolved into a generic AdminCP. This is when the direction changed to become a small Content Management System for the purpose of Alex's Computer Graphics Portfolio, 3D Teapot.

Development continued using the same code base as the original AdminCP right the way through until around November 2006, and was then official called "TangoCMS". This was given to Joe Davison and Robert Taylor, who became the original users and helped the development advance. It was during that stage that the limitations of the code base had been reached. It was clear that a completely new structure and framework was needed to replace the old code base that was full with security issues, including many SQL Injection possibilities and major design flaws.

Work began on designing and creating a custom MVC framework within the first few months of 2007, and the basic structure of it was completed around April 2007. This new framework, called the Zula Framework (released under the GNU/LGPL 2.1 license), powers TangoCMS and has overcome the issues in the previous code base, giving developers a solid structure and framework to build on, creating new controllers (Modules) to provide additional features.

The first full release of TangoCMS to the public was released after a 5 day delay, 1.0.6, dubbed Osprey, was released on the 14th of December, 2007.